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The wait is finally over. We have baby ducks on the homestead! Yippee! Little Number Five did a great job! Bob calls them duckens. I call them lil’ Dickens 🙂

By our calculations they were due on Sunday but you know how that goes. Three of the ducks hatched on Saturday and one more hatched on Sunday. Good thing I sent hubby to the feed store for baby food.

We got 4 ducklings out of 7 eggs. Not to shabby considering we didn’t use an electric incubator.

Bob just stuck the camera inside the door and tried for a decent photo of them. Turned out pretty good, eh? This was when Number Five was still sitting on the last egg.

Baby Ducks With Mother Hen

Baby Ducks With Mother Hen

(Click image for larger view.)

They have been temporarily named Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, and Number 4 until we can figure out if they’re boys or girls.

I tried to include some video we took but YouTube was having issues or I was having issues with YouTube. Either way it didn’t work. I’ll try again soon because they are sooooo cute you’ll definitely want to see it.


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