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Don't you love new toys? We got one today! A Freeplay Energy Eyemax WB hand crank radio!

When you're trying to live off the power grid it only makes sense that a good modern day homesteader would have a radio that doesn't need any batteries or electricity. Now I don't know about you but all of the "hand cranked" gizmos I've tried before were more trouble and effort than the power they were supposed to be saving. So when hubby suggested getting this radio I was hesitant.

But I was WRONG! This little gem works great. As you can see it's a nice size. You can either crank it up, use the built in solar panel, or the 120 volt adapter to charge the battery. Just a few minutes of cranking provided us with hours of radio play. The sound is surprisingly good too!

Another plus is that is also receives NOAA weather band information. It even has an LED flashlight. The rubberized coating makes is splash proof and rugged enough for homestead life. If you're looking for a good camping or emergency radio you'll definitely want to check this one out.

If Santa brings me the MP3 player I have on my list (hint, hint) then I can also dock it up the radio for hours of tunes. Hey, when you don't have TV you need all the entertainment you can get!


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