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Bob and I decided to have movie night homestead style. We were going to set up our laptop computer inside the tipi to watch a DVD but it was such a beautiful evening that I suggested that we stay outside. I can't believe how warm it is this far into November.

We built a nice campfire in our outdoor pit, cooked up a big batch of nachos in our 10" dutch oven, aka "The Workhorse", and pretended we were at the drive-in 🙂

We decided to rewatch Into the West . Although, like most movies, it's not completely accurate (are they ever?) I think it does a good job of depicting how the Indians were gradually overwhelmed by the white man's expansion of the west. 

The company we bought t our tipi from also made the tipis for this miniseries so we're paying extra special attention to any scenes that feature the tipis.

Anyway… we thought it was pretty cool to be able to watch a movie by firelight.


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