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View From Our Tipi Door

Thought you all would like to see the view from our tipi door last Friday when it was cold and snowing. Don't worry, it was nice and cozy (about 65 degrees) inside the tipi 😉


(click image for larger view)


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Snow Puppy

We have a Snow Puppy. We got about six inches of snow on Friday and weren't sure how Blaze would react to it. As you can see we have a Snow Puppy. At first she wasn't really too crazy about it but mostly that was because it was TOO COLD. Then the sun came out and the wind stopped and we decided to take her out to play. Even though the temperature was still chilly it felt great outside.

Blaze had a great time exploring the "new stuff".SnowDog2 

what is this stuff? (click image for larger view)


This isn't so bad… I should go check it out some more! And, yes, we considered calling her SPOT!
(click image for larger view)

Even though she sleeps a lot — like most babies do… when she's awake she's very curious about everything that's going on inside and outside the tipi. You can just see her little brain trying to figure it all out.

The housebreaking (tipi-breaking) is going well. The only few accidents we have had have been the fault of the owners 😉 We've had several people mention paper training as an alternative to taking her outside but that's just not an option when you live in about 250 square feet and also it confuses a puppy to use paper training and outside training techniques at the same time. Besides it's finally February and it won't be long until the cold isn't a problem.

This bad spell of weather has been a good opportunity to spend a lot of time inside bonding with her. I'm sure she thinks of the tipi as her new "den" and us as her new pack. We've been working on getting her to respond to her name. However, we're careful not to use it when we need to correct her so she only associates her name with positive actions.


Queen of the Hill (click image for larger view)

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