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Fall Colors

I took this photo several days ago on one of the few sunny days we've had lately. It's wonderful to see the rich fall colors against the crisp Autumn sky.

(click on image for larger view)

I'm not ready for winter…. are you?


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Feather on Leaves


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Yuck! It’s been raining on and off — mostly on — for awhile now. We knew this was coming so we worked hard when the weather permitted to prepare to be in the tipi for several days. Bob’s been busy cutting up firewood while I reworked the floor coverings in the tipi to make it a little more waterproof.

We’ve been spending a lot of our time looking at gardening books. Our goal is to get a cold frame built soon for the kale and swiss chard plants that we recently purchased. One of our favorite books, Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman, has some great information about using cold frames to extend your harvest into the winter and also using them to get a jump start on your garden in early spring.

The rain let up some this afternoon so we came into town to the library to check our email (and the blog too!) and do a bit of research on the Internet for low wattage lighting that will work with our solar panel.

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The tipi is finally set up! Yea!

We slept in it and it was GREAT! Even though we had it set up in our yard a couple of months ago (before the move), we wanted to wait to sleep in it for the first time here on the homestead. It took us about a half a day to set it up. Considering it was only the second time we've set one up, I think we got a pretty good pitch on it. What do you think?


The streamers make it easier to manage your smoke flaps. Besides… I think they look really cool against the blue sky, don't you?

Check out our album HERE for more photos from the set up.

Tying up the 3 part liner went well. It really made a difference in the temperature inside the tipi. We hope to have the ozan added by the weekend.

We're still discovering what will fit inside the tipi and experimenting with different arrangements. After it's all decorated up we'll post some inside photos 🙂

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

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Mystery Guest

We had a mystery guest come to the tipi today!


We first saw this guest from inside the tipi. It was pretty easy to tell it was a praying mantis. Doesn't the silhouette look cool?


And here he is!

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Five little compost bins
All in a row,
Come next Spring
You'll help my garden grow.

We got 5 compost bins filled last week. The first of many more to come! We wanted something quick and easy so we bought a 100' roll of wire at the farm supply store. We figured out that it would make 10 bins approximately 3 feet high by 3 feet in diameter.

We layered cottonseed meal for our nitrogen source and then we put in some leaves and leaf mold that we raked up from the woods. Next we put in a layer of the weeds and brush that we scythed down to make a clearing. Finally we put in a little bit of straw to help with the aeration. Squash it down every so often. Repeat until the bin was full.

Our homestead is very pretty but unfortunately the soil is a bit rough and that's putting it lightly. Every gardener knows that compost is key. We're going to need lots and lots of compost if we want to get our plants and trees to grow well.

Now we're off to set up the tipi poles.

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Let The Count Down Begin

Well despite all the rainy weather, today included, Bob and I finally selected the site where we'll be setting up the tipi. YIPPEE! It's gonna feel like the Taj Majal after living in the tent. Not that we don't like our Kodiak tent but…. we're ready to get moved in.

Our goal is to have it set up and ready for move in by Friday. 

Be sure to stayed tuned for more posts. And photos of course!

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