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About Us

Story Plot: Can a slightly middle aged husband and wife team give up the city life and become modern day homesteaders?

We’ve been thinking about living a simpler life since 2007. After many late night discussions, we’re finally going to put our “pipe dream” into action. We found the land, bought a tipi to live in until we get the cabin built, put the house on the market, and pretty darn quick we’ll be heading south to the Ozarks.

Between the two of us we have some good basic knowledge and what we don’t know… we can learn! Both of us have spent many hours on the Internet researching the information we know we need to, well let’s face it, survive. Sure there’s bound to be mistakes along the way but that’s when we’ll probably learn the most.

Lots of folks are talking about being “green” and becoming more self-sufficient or at least they should be. We’ll be talking about anything that has to do with living the self-sufficient life — organic gardening, goats, chickens, ducks, pest management, knitting, canning, solar energy, food preservation, keeping warm, tipi life, dogs, hunting, trapping, homesteading, and just about anything else we can think of.

If you want to learn from our successes and, of course, our mistakes then please join us in our Grand Adventure.


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